Monday, April 25, 2011

Spotlight Monday

Today's spotlight is going to be on Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse aka True Blood series. If you haven't read these yet, I'm really wondering why. It's full of characters you love and others you love to hate. Adventures and home in a small town. It has a little bit of everything for someone who loves a fun paranormal with continuing main characters. If you've been following HBO's True Blood, but have not read the series yet, be warned. They don't really follow each other. Personally, I like the series much much better. But it's nice to see the eye candy instead of just imagining what they look like. :) Below is the review we did on the series and I do hope you go and grab yourself a copy!

Sookie Stackhouse: Southern Vampire by Charlaine Harris
~ V^^^^V
In a little town called Bon Temps, Louisiana, you will find a sexy blond waitress, who just happens to be able to read peoples minds. I say people, because she can’t read the minds of vampires and is hazy with Shapeshifters and Weres. You will read about her adventures of being thrown into the world of vampires in a way she never imagined, or even wanted. Fall in love with her as she goes through the craziness life throws at her with her boyfriend, Bill, and later Eric. This is a fun, witty and sexy read that I have enjoyed many times over and I’m sure you will, too!
Book 11: Dead Reckoning 5/26/11

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