Friday, April 1, 2011

PLAY DIRTY Lorie O’Clare

Play Dirty Lorie O'Clare ~V^^V

The first in her Bounty Hunters Series, Play Dirty is about; Greg King and his estranged wife, Haley. She left her family 6 years ago to enter the witness protection program only to find that now they are the only ones who can help her now. I found the back story heart breaking so I was invested there and while I found that the action was plenty full I felt that it either drag along or made leaps which I found frustrating to say the least. Greg King is a very likable character and I enjoyed that he grew through out the tale to become a much more understanding husband. Haley on the other hand just never really grew. I found her intelligence and understanding of her job inspiring but over all I just felt she was rather selfish and made no real efforts to improve the relationship with her family. But personal feeling aside the story itself was well written and had all the right ingredients but just didn’t really pop for me. ~Michelle

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