Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bound by Night -Amanda Ashley

Bound by Night by Amanda Ashley ~V^V

I don't know how to really review this book. I am tempted to read the second book in the two book series to see if it makes more sense but at the same time I don't want to go through it all again. If that makes any sense.

I liked the premise and I have liked this author in the past. I think it flowed nicely and seemed to have a good concept but it just fell flat. My issues were mainly based on time. I couldn't for the life of me determine WHEN this book was supposed to take place. Elena, the female lead, seems to have gone to a contemporary High School. She talks about television, ipods, electricity, driving cars, etc. While at the same time the characters all seem to be hung up on her being "quite old to not be wed", she is 19. She also talks of "silk" dresses in the closet yet sometimes she puts on khakis. It left me very confused.

Furthermore the male lead, Vampire Drake Wolfram tends to be a bit of a push over and obviously he would be stuck in an old school mentality, he is 500 years old. So his father tells him he must marry someone whom was chosen for him as a child and he apparently has no ability to stand on his own two feet and just say no. The same is true for the female Vampire he is to wed.

At a certain point the story seems to really skip ahead time quite quickly at which point the flow was a bit too fast for me.

My last point of contemption is with Elena's uncle. Yes we all love a REALLY hateful antagonist, BUT this one was just uncomfortable. Again this is where the time period issue confounds me. It almost sounds as though he would get away with his crimes in a Medieval period and is punished as though it were that time, Not current. Once again I felt Elena was too kind hearted to be believable, when it comes to her dealing with his punishment.

Overall I have to agree with the other reviews I have read that stated that the couple just weren't very believable and the romance fell flat. Overall the book in my opinion wasn't that good. ~Michelle

Bound by Blood is the second book in the two part series.

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