Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Spotlight

T-Flac by Cherry Adair

Drawing hearts around this series. I just adore these. I will grant you that once she started getting into the paranormal aspect I wasn't liking it as much but after a couple books she seemed to get her groove on it and I was back to really enjoying them again. So for your really long reading order list, the best I can come up with is below. No mind you she has just started another series, which though I intend to read, I have as of yet not gotten a chance to. I am sure it will be wonderful as well.

Reading Order:
Seducing Mr. Right
The Mercenary

Kiss and Tell

Hide and Seek

In Too Deep
Out of Sight

On Thin Ice

Playing For Keeps
Hot Ice

Snowball’s Chance

Edge of Danger

Edge of Fear

Edge of Darkness
White Heat

Tropical Heat
Night Fall
Night Secrets
Night Shadow
Temptation on Ice
Black Magic

Dangerous Magic (TBA)

TFLAC by Cherry Adair ~ V^^^^V
A secret anti-terrorist organization not affiliated with any one government in particular, they work for the good of the world as a whole. Cherry Adair’s TFLAC series is non stop action with intense scenarios and explosive sexual chemistry. Most of the TFLAC books are broken out into smaller chunks, ie: the Edge Trilogy. The early books are your standard action, while in the later works, Cherry brings in a “magical” element. I have to say the first few were not really working for me in the Wizards end, but after awhile, I think she found her groove again. Stick with them. TFLAC is HOT.
Book 22: Dangerous Magic (TBA)

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