Thursday, September 1, 2011

SWEET September

Sweet September
(Maya Banks: Sweet)
Sweet Surrender
Sweet Persuasion
Sweet Seduction
Sweet Temptation
Sweet Possession

Not for everyone, this series is an Erotic Romance. Mind you it's not all sex BUT a good majority of it is. The stories are well written and suck you in, definitely a good read.

Sweet by Maya Banks ~ V^^^^^V
A very mouthwatering, deliciously naughty series that involves a group of friends and coworkers. All of their lives continue to revolve throughout the series, but the main focus of each book will be on its own couple. Hold on as you will be thrown into the lives of men and women who love a little BDSM. Or is it a lot? I dare you to pick up the first book, Sweet Surrender, to star this non-stop, panty-dropping, naughty wild ride.
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