Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Spotlight

Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian

Have I told you about Midnight Breed? It feels like I did so it warrents reminding and if not then here is the deal. YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES!!!! I go back and forth deciding which series I like more this or BDB and to be honest I think Midnight Breed is edging out BDB. *insert shocked face here* Yeah it's that good, so get reading!!! The latest book was just released in June.

Reading Order:
Kiss of Crimson
Kiss of Midnight

Midnight Awakening

Veil of Midnight

Ashes of Midnight

Shades of Midnight

Taken By Midnight

Deeper Than Midnight

Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian ~ V^^^^^V
If you are a fan of the Black Daggar Brotherhood, I think you will like this series as well. Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed is a race of alien “vampires”, who have bred with human women since ancient times, causing their race to be watered down enough to not be too dangerous. However a new evil wants control and will stop at nothing to win. Riveting stories told with just the right amount of danger, sex and love.
9 Books to Date

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