Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Spotlight

Nightmare Chronicles by Kathryn Smith

I am pretty sure this one is quite obsure. I had just finished reading Kathryn Smith's Brotherhood of the Blood (another great one, check it out) and I wanted more of her writing. I found this tiny little 2 book series seemed to fit my general paranormal criteria. I keep hoping there will be more but as to date I am unaware of future titles in this series.

Reading Order:
Before I Wake
Dark Side of Dawn

Nightmare Chronicles by Kathryn Smith ~ V^^^V
Dawn is a doctor at the sleep study institute; She is also the daughter of the god of sleep. That makes her a half human half goddess, otherwise known as a Nightmare. Told in the first person, by Dawn, we meet Noah Clarke, a gorgeous artist who seems to be having some impossible sleep issues, namely someone trying to kill him. Dawn goes into the dream realm to help him and to also spend time with her father and mother, who incidentally have been asleep for many years. The story has a sprinkling of humor and is a fun tale.
2 Titles To Date

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