Monday, August 1, 2011

Aisling August Reading Challenge

Aisling August
(Katie MacAlister: Aisling Grey)
You Slay Me
Fire Me Up
Light My Fire
Holy Smokes

Aisling Grey Guardian by Katie MacAlister ~V^^^^V

Aisling Grey had no idea she was a Guardian, in fact she didn't even know what a Guardian was but apparently she is one. Now she has a whole lot to learn about the otherworld. I LOVED this series though sometimes I wanted to slap Aisling, but such is life. Jim is a riot, Drake is a typical frustrating man and Aisling is just trying to hang in there. I really like that this series leads into the Silver Dragon Series which leads into the Light Dragons, making it so you can constantly keep up with the characters even after their own book's. ~Michelle
4 Titles in this series

Once you finish I suggest you continue on with the Silver Dragons and then the Light Dragons.

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