Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Spotlight

Vegas Vampires by Erin McCarthy

What can be more fun than Las Vegas? Las Vegas with vampires silly. This series is complete so once you track them all down you won't have to wait for more. ;-) This was a little off the normal beaten path for me and I liked that. Vegas Vampires had a little different look on vampire culture but still some of the standards that make them fun. Now mind you only 4 of the stories are whole books, the other 3 are novellas. Those can be found in the anthologies First Blood and Out of the Light and into the Shadows.

Vegas Vampires- Erin McCarthy ~ V^^^V
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so why not Vampires too? Erin McCarthy’s Vegas Vampires series takes it one step farther. Casino owner, and Vampire, Ethan Carrick is running for re-election as Vampire President. In this series we meet his political team, friends, casino employees, enemies and more. A quick read with a captivating plot, memorable characters and light enough to be fun.
7 Total Titles

Reading Order:
High Stakes
Bit The Jackpot

Bled Dry

Sucker Bet

Russian Roulette
(First Blood)
Deal or No Deal (Out of the Light into the Shadows)

Undead Man’s Hand
(Out of the Light into the Shadows)

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