Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Spotlight

Today I am going to do one of my most favorite series: Argeneau by Lynsay Sands

You know what can I tell you about this series? Well I LOVE it. The characters are well written and likable, the storyline while based in a paranormal aspect is believable enough and the contemporary setting is one of the things I like the most. Another is that this on going series doesn't leave out any characters so you are never really left wondering 'hey what happened with that one guy?'. Move these to the top of your TBR if you haven't started them already.

Argeneau Family Lynsay Sands ~ V^^^^V
Understandably when you live for centuries, life can get a bit drab. The Argeneau family Matriarch is not above scheming when it comes to finding her children their lifemates and thus kicking them out of the nest. Highly enjoyable, the Argeneau Family of Vampires has your classic Romance aspects, a touch of humor and some steamy encounters. The Vampire lifestyle is easily believable and the comedy helps easy any lingering doubts.
Book 17 Due Tuesday May 31, 2011.

Reading Order:

A Quick Bite

Love Bites

Single White Vampire

Tall Dark & Hungry

A Bite To Remember

Bite Me If You Can

The Accidental Vampire

Vampires are Forever

Vampire Interrupted

The Rogue Hunter

The Immortal Hunter

The Renegade Hunter

Bitten By Cupid

Born to Bite

Hungry For You

The Reluctant Vampire TUESDAY

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