Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Spotlight Katie MacAlister

This week I will be spotlighting Katie MacAlister's Dark Ones. I very much enjoy this series for a lighter side of romance. Plenty of humor is mixed in with this series and there is a constant addition of new characters to keep it going.

Dark Ones by Katie MacAlister ~ V^^^^V
Moravian Dark Ones. Don’t call them vampires. Katie MacAlister really nailed it with this lighthearted vampire series. There is, of course, your standard Romance fair, boy meets girls, wants girl desperately, and girl isn’t so sure about all that. All of the books in the series intermingle characters and follow a building plot line. So what is the deal with Katie's vampires? Well they have lost their soul and only their soul mate can reinstate it for them through a series of steps. Lots of laughs, great plot and sexy vampire man candy.

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