Monday, February 21, 2011

This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost Review from Pamela

Ok. First off, I'm just going to say that there is no way I'm going to give away any secrets about this one, especially considering the fact that as of a few short hours from now, the book will actually be out. YAY! That being said...

Holy effing WOW. Seriously. I can honestly say that this is by FAR my favorite Cat & Bones yet! I couldn't stop going: WTF?? Holy S**t! OMG!!!! *squeeeeeeeeel*. Even had me squirting a few tears at one point. Whenever I finish 'the new book' I can't even imagine what could possibly happen in the next and am continually surprised and elated with where Ms. Frost takes us. Some seriously unexpected events happened in this one and even a surprise reappearance that I was totally excited about! Chapter 32??? Hmm... Chapter 21 definitely gives 32 a run for it's money! Only difference is that rolls are reversed. That's right...Cat gets to have her way with Bones in a way that they definitely haven't explored yet. *wigglin' eyebrows* So I allowed a little slip, but I didn't say WHAT was done! *elg*

I am so excited for everyone who will soon be experiencing this, because that is exactly what it is, an experience! And I am honored to have been able to read an ARC of TSotG prior to the release and am sure that you will love it as much as I do!

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