Friday, December 3, 2010

A Storm For All Seasons by Jaci Burton

A Storm For All Seasons~ V^^^^^V

The Storm family of New Orleans Louisiana has magic. Angelina and Galen Storm have four children who have the power of each of the seasons within them. This series follows the four Storm children as they search for their “destiny” and fall hopelessly in love. I really enjoyed these books, while Burton isn’t that great at writing, paranormal in my opinion, she does a great job with this one. The majority of the writing is based in modern New Orleans reality; the magic is sort of just an after thought that adds to the mystic of falling madly in love. That said I found the second book too far into the paranormal realm for me as it combines Burton’s Delvin Werewolves, of which I am not a fan, and Storm family series together. That said A Storm for All Seasons has classic Jaci Burton erotic passion and is a wonderful story.

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