Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Friday 56 of 2010

Friday 56!

About the Friday 56

  • Grab the book nearest you.
  • Turn to page 56.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like).
  • Don't go for your favorite book. THE CLOSEST.


  1. A Little Less Conversation -Rhyannon Byrd

    "She deserved it! Mark Logan was every bit as fun and entertaining as she’d known he’d be, and she knew she was already in far too deep for emotional safety. When you threw in the heart-tripping sexual attraction, hunger so sharp it cut, it was enough to make her want to lay him out on her bed and ride his bad boy ass until neither one of them could move."

  2. Michelle...You rock! This was the first opportunity I've had to be able to get on an actual computer to do this...Thank you! Thank you!

    It just so happens that the book closest to me is the first of the series we are to start reading as of tomorrow. :)

    Dark Lover by JR Ward

    He was about to drop the towel to get ready to roll, when it occurred to him Marissa was still in the room.
    He looked over at her.
    "Go home, Marissa," he said.
    Her head dropped. "My lord, I can feel your p--"
    "I'm perfectly fine."