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Dragon Kin by G.A. Aiken

Dragon Kin by G.A. Aiken ~V^^^V
I haven't read the one that JUST came out but I will review and add it once I get it done. Overall this is a pretty fun series. There is plenty of steam and some humor mixed in as well.

Can't Get Enough ~V^^^V
I only read the G.A. Aiken contribution to this Anthology so far. Can't Get Enough is a prequel to her Dragon Kin series. I enjoyed it. Short enough to not drag out some things and still long enough to get a good feel for the relationship between Ailean and Shalin. There was a perfect amount of steam and romance. I am going to continue working my way through this series

Dragon Actually ~V^^^V
Though this is the first full book in the series it is not the first story. Nonetheless it was an excellent introduction. The two main characters were a lot of fun together and I really enjoyed their courtship. Not normally a fan of medieval romance, occasionally I find one that is interesting enough. This was one. I enjoyed the first story in the book. The second one, was not as much to my liking.

About a Dragon ~V^^^V
I would like to give this book more stars but it was just pretty slow for the most part. If I get to a point that I am feeling like a book is dragging on and has too many pages to get to the point then it doesn't get more than 3 stars even if I liked it. Now I LIKED this book but I didn't love it. Talaith and Briec are hilarious but annoying. They seemed to spend all their time bickering, so much so I wasn't sure I liked either of them. In the end I found that it was fairly amusing. There is enough interaction with other Dragon Kin and past characters that they book was interesting in that aspect as well. If Aiken could have gotten to the action and the meat of the story sooner I think I would have given it more stars. I am enjoying this series and will be continuing.

What a Dragon Should Know ~V^^^^V
This one was a little slow getting started but once it got there it was excellent. I have to mention that I read this one out of order so I was a little confused on some names and series developments but I ended up getting it mostly sorted out. Initially I didn't like Dagmar because she comes off very self centered, even more so than Gwenvael believe it or not. (Which as a side note here I am going to say that the names in this series seem gender reversed so I again got all confused.) The sad thing is that she thinks she doesn't matter to her father, or does she try to convince herself of that? Either way this book is more than just a romance. There is a definite overall story arch and it is really quite interesting. AT this point I can see myself really becoming more interested than I was in the first few. I will say that there is just the right amount of steam and humor in this series as well. Check them out.

Last Dragon Standing ~V^^V

I really had a hard time finishing this one. Keita pretty much just annoyed me. She was very much the spoiled diva and while Ragnar was OK he just was too lenient. Some of the things I like about this series are the updates with everyone else. That was a bonus for me and pretty much made the book as enjoyable as it could. I am planning on continuing the series because I am committed to so many other characters.

Dragon on Top ~V^^^V
I really enjoyed it, this series is always fun. Actually this whole anthology is worth the read. 

The Dragon Who Loved Me ~V^^^V
This book was better than the last. Vigholf the Abhorrent aka Sir-Eats-a-Lot is so naive its funny. Rhona, a Caladwar dragoness, kicks major ass. I loved them together. First Rhona just hates Vigholf and can't seem to get rid of him. After a bit he starts to grow on her and soon they have fallen for one another. I liked the updates with the other couples and the war ending. I was so glad that the ending brought all of the couples and children back together. My only major complaint about this book and in general this series is the repetition. Some scenarios are explained over and over again throughout this book. Almost seemed as though the plan was to fill as many pages as possible. I will be staying up to date with this series, as it comes out.

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy, just released and again I haven't read it yet. I am currently waiting for my copy. 

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