Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Reading Challenge: August Angels

August Angels

(J.R. Ward: Fallen Angels)

We would love to have you join in as there will be discussions and reviews. This is a great way to push your reading totals for the each month as well as the year. If you have already read them go ahead and reread or just feel free to join the discussion found on our FaceBook page. If it is a new series to you it will be all the more fun. Hope you join the fun!

Rapture (9/25/12)

Fallen Angels by J.R. Ward ~ V^^^^V

Jim Heron has just found his mission in life or is it the afterlife? The fate of the world rests on his shoulders as he engages in battle, with a demon, for the souls of seven people against the seven deadly sins. Winner takes all. Is he up to the task? Contemporary Urban Fantasy with major plot twists and memorable characters.
4th book scheduled to be released September 25, 2012.


  1. Covet: Hmmm, what to say. After BDB, I am not sure that anything can be quite as good. This first story didn't hook me the way BDB did, nor did it keep me captivated the same. However it was an interesting scenario and well told.. Seriously my review is skewed because I really don't care for angel stories, though I am trying because I enjoy JR so much. The concept is interesting enough, 7 deadly sins, seven souls, will good or evil triumph? The characters are dynamic, the sex steamy and the gore plentiful. My overall opinion is that is it OK.

  2. Crave: Book two in the Fallen Angels series, it really didn't do much for me. It was just kind of blah. I was expecting the end but still a little shocked. I thought it would take a few more books to get there. I can't put my finger on what it is that is not working for me in this sereis. Is it the angels? Is it the gore? Is it the characters? Everything is standard Ward writing but it just doesn't pop. My personality doesn't allow for me to leave series open ended so I will continue but I am not going to rush.

  3. Envy: This is going to sound really harsh but here goes. Why do I keep reading these? I find them really slow, too long and dull. The gore is a bit much for my tastes and the women tend to be EXTREMELY naive. I will tell you that I find it beyond belief that a woman who would go through training and become an officer would immediately believe the worst of a man whom she had just spent so much time getting to know. And slept with him nonetheless she believes a stranger over him when it comes to murder? I think that may have been to much for me. The Olde English speak mixed with urban slang is just weird as well. The concept it still interesting but I don't know how much I am still interested Do I really want to continue?